About Me
Im Harold Casimina, your Webmaster and Software Developer. Taken bachelor's degree of BS Information Technology. Formerly likes networking hardware devices such as Routers & Switches. But gradually switched to software development. At first, it was just for fun and additional learning  but later on it became my hobby and find it more interesting until it landed me on a job. Mainly used Php  for developing web applications and C# for my desktop applications. Well-versed in using frameworks such as Wordpress and Codeigniter. 

My Hobbies

Loved to discover new things especially in terms of technology. Building such nice and cool applications for the community, for the company, client or just for fun is the way I got myself overwhelmed. I also love reading news in line with technological trend to get involved and get myself updated. 

Future Plans
My plans for the future is what drives me the present. I want to build mobile applications also and uploaded it to PlayStore, Itunes & Windows Store.